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I began Home Care Services for Seniors and Adults with disabilities since 1994. I wanted clients to see how my team could be a cornerstone of help to them and their loved ones. Though their is no substitute for family, in each case we tailor a plan to our client’s personal preferences, needs and wishes.

Helpful hands has enjoyed continued success over the years, mostly because we appeal to caring families that contribute to making us an organization that upholds honesty, openness and accountability. We believe that emotional fulfillment come from helping others.

photo of Mr. Harry Greenblat, founder and executive director of helpful hands

"Sometimes the one who has been there for everyone else, needs someone to be there for them"

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Home Support Services for Seniors and Adults with disabilities


What our clients are saying about us

This is a letter of reference for Harry Greenblat, the owner of Helpful Hands Inc. I have had the pleasure of knowing Mr Greenblat since 1998. I was referred to his organisation through a very satisfied client and I then began to refer some of my clients had the basic rest community Day Care. The word spread and Mr Greenblat served many of our clients over the years

Baycrest Hospital

Dianne Phillips

Every so often I encounter a young person with the great idea and a lot of enthusiasm. Harry Greenblat is one example. This letter being written as an encouragement to Harry to pursue his dream of being a success in his unique business.

He has started a venture called Helpful Hands, a service in our community for people without transportation Who need errands done, rides provided or house sitting services, etc.

It is a service geared to senior citizens, persons with disabilities and people with special needs. Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba Harry brings with him a personal interest to solutions for a residents in North York.

With an idea like this, Harry has the potential to go far. I wish him well in his efforts.

Mel Lastman

Mayor, North York

On a personal note, I am writing to recommend the services of Mr Harry Greenblat of helpful hands. I have known Mr.Greenblat for past 15 years. His knowledge, compassion and attention to all detail added my family at a very difficult time. He is not only thorough, but also easy to work with, and always willing to take the time to discuss concerns and respond to questions.

My senior aunt, who lived alone and on government assistance, needed help to move in some new furniture and move out some old appliances with last minute notice. Mr. Greenblat was able to offer immediate aid to my aunt. When he arrived at her Apartment my aunt told him, “you’re as much a pleasure in person as you are on the phone!”

I am confident that the high level of customer service provided by helpful hands Inc. Will be a benefit to everyone who deals with this company.

Carol Torkoff

Speedy Self Storage Inc.

“I am pleased to write a letter of reference on behalf of Helpful Hands, an agency I have used for a number of years. As a social worker working with persons of disability, I have had a great success with the variety of services Helpful Hands has provided for these individuals and their families. Extraordinary kindness and support have always been demonstrated. This has been re-assuring to those receiving the service as well as myself, knowing that we are in good hands. It is a pleasure to continue to count on Helpful Hands and what they offer. I am happy to encourage others to experience their services which are reliable and provide information as I would be more than happy to do so.”

Elizabeth Bianchi

Surrey Place Centre
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